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We offer a quick, discreet and legal solution to retribution, collection and restoration of assets through legal and confidential means.  Let us help you get yours back on track quickly and painlessly. Why go through the troubles and ramifications of court proceedings, trials and judgments when you can quickly, discretely and confidentially resolve your disputes now.
We work hand in hand with other, investigation and legal agencies domestically and from around the world.  Our goal is to not only help you recover your money and assets, but to devise means of resolution between the parties involved based on the facts and evidence we are submitted.

During the process we will, as we do, refer you to one of the specialized agents we have as contacts,  who can help you through the process.  We do not collect money for our service to you from you.  We are a referral agency and are volunteers only.  If our data meets the requirements of a “Viable Referral” we will let you know and send you to then.  They will then take your case.   We decide who to send you to based on what information you give us.  That would be what type of case is it, how much money was lost.  Where in the world did it happen.  This kind of data and other information helps us find just the right place that can help you out.  All of the places we send referrals too are organizations we have screened and checked out and are very reputable.
So if you have been scammed, defrauded or taken advantage of in any way please feel free to contact us.

Remember all of our services are provided to you free of charge.  So you understand, while us helping you find the right place to assist you is FREE of charge, the agencies that help get your money back do charge.  Most of them charge,  if they take your case,  when they get your money back.  Some, depending on the size and complexity of the case take it with some expense funds and a percent on the back end.  You have nothing to loose by having us help you evaluate and explore your options!   So get us the details today and lets get started on the road to some justice for you!