Avoiding Scams and Fraud

A con woman who is known by Suzy Marilyn Axmaker is running her scam operations again! Her operations are Marilyn’s LLC also known as NW Wholesale Hub LLC in Hermiston, Oregon. The address is P.O. Box 362 Molalla, Oregon 97038. Also known as Marilyns Brand Name Fashions For Less LLC. Her aliases consist of: Suzy White, Marilyn White, and Marilyn Axmaker.

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*Suzy Marilyn Axmaker is pictured below in black.  Do you know if con woman Suzy Marilyn Axmaker is working with Tara Axmaker (pictured below) who stole a police car while on meth and was lodged in the Clackamas County Jail on charges of felony attempted murder, first-degree aggravated theft, attempted assault to a police officer, unauthorized use of a vehicle, eluding a police officer, reckless driving and parole violation and was sentenced to four years in prison?







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It was announced today that Dawndee Gaub has been voted con woman of the year 2014!   She beat out a number of other candidates because of her current conduct.  While she was co-conspirator with Dan Gaub, her scam ridden con artist husband who killed himself to escape justice in May of 2012, she had taken the scam to the next level.    Dawndee Gaub is well aware of what a fraud her and her husband were.  They robbed hundreds of unsuspecting victims of tens of millions and lived by Dawndee Gaubs words, a “Life of abundance”.   Now, she has weaseled her way into being the Personal representative of her Dead Husband, she tried to raise from the dead on the third day of his death.  She has used the victims money to get herself hundreds of thousands in bennies!   All sorts of goodies for her, her son, her brother in law and more!

The days Inn located in Phoenix, Arizona is dirty and employees have bad customer service skills!

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Many people have had bad reviews of this establishment. This hotel (if you would call it that) is Days Inn at 2900 EAST VAN BUREN Phoenix AZ 85008 US Phone 602-275-7651. The rooms are dirty and do not look like there is much care taken by housekeeping. The beds are full of bed bugs. You definitely will not be able to sleep while these bugs are having a nightly meal all at the expense of your health.