DAN GAUB AND Forex Robot Scams

Forex robot scams  can be found all over the internet. In fact, once you get on the “right” mailing list you will receive daily emails about the latest Forex Robot. Unfortunately,these robots will lose you thousands of dollars! If you want to be a day trading professional, you need to learn how to trade! There are no holy grails or magic systems. Trading is like any other business. Knowledge and experience is how you become successful. Many system vendors prey on those with a “Get Rich Quick” or “Gambling Mentality”.  Dan Gaub preyed on trusting victims.  Dan Gaub will leave a legacy as the worlds biggest forex scammer!  Word is out that this man scammed so many people its beyond words.  All under the statement of “its my mission to help people”.   If you have been a victim get a hold of either fraudandscam.com or victimadvocates.net and let them know.

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