Despite Prior Felony Convictions, Con Woman Wendy Stevens Continues Defrauding Victims


Despite her prior convictions, con woman Wendy Stevens is still actively deceiving people, and swindling them out of large amounts of money. Stevens has been previously convicted on fraud and forgery felonies, but it was announced today that she is still successfully conning victims without regret.


To date, convicted felon Wendy Stevens has already taken advantage of many victims, establishing false trust, and conning them out of money. Stevens collects money upfront, and then disappears without fulfilling her promises or tax obligations. If confronted, she adamantly refuses to offer refunds or do anything to correct the situation and do right by her victims. Stevens lives a life of stolen wealth, and there is seemingly no plan for her to stop defrauding people through lies, theft, and deceit.


Stevens’ most recent victim was a friend who trusted her with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Soon after receiving the money, Stevens went dark, and refused to respond or communicate when she was questioned and confronted by her victim. She took no action on her promised obligations. When she finally did respond, it was in the form of threats to her victim and family members who had nothing to do with the transaction. Stevens demanded her victim to do as she commanded on a site called, which is a website where Stevens has been previously denounced as a con woman and fraud.   


Wendy Stevens cons without remorse, and even texted her recent victim, admitting her fraudulent ways by stating on July 9, 2015, “That was a smart strategy you’re right, I’m screwing all three of you finally figured out my game good for you”.   Despite being confronted on her devious plots once again, Stevens remains undaunted, and claims she does not intend to stop defrauding new potential victims.


Due to Stevens’ fraudulent actions and refusal to communicate, this victim was forced to take out a second mortgage to recoup lost funds.  As a result, this victim is now paying interest on the money that professional con woman Wendy Stevens was able to extract under false pretenses.  


 Stevens’ fraudulent convictions already include the use of logos from a variety of networks she has no actual association with, with the intent to misrepresent her credentials. Adding her list of unsavory actions, Stevens is also allegedly working on making a “BoobSafe Tube” a reality.


Here are some other angry victims words, DIRECT as reported on other sites about the conduct of fraud and convicted felon Ms. Wendy Stevens:

=================== Wendy Stevens, Liberty League International “Your Mentor for Success” or “Your Money for My Success” Scottsdale Internet and nationwide.

(All the stories below are my personal experience from what I get and observed, but it is very reliable; there are other great leader of the company who know exactly which person I am talking about when I just made a simple description of Wendy Stevens)

Wendy Stevens has a very attractive website: I believe this domain name must have lured many people into her organization feel excited that this powerful mentor will direct them to success. Her voice can”t be more nice and she cares about your success.

The reality is, it is not “yourmentorforsuccess”, it is “YourMoneyForMySuccess”. There are literally 2 types of leaders: the first type builds their success by helping others succeed; the other type, however accumulated their enterprise by using other people”s bloody-and-sweat money as their stepping stone to a higher level.

Wendy Stevens, though the top 5 income earners of the company, there barely are any big names come from her organization, other leader describe her as no team duplication, and the only reason she could succeed is what –by lying, high sales pressure, and faking to treat you very well/compliment on you so you will surrender to her and submit your money right away. Let me explain:

1. Paint a faking good picture of her in the public: As you can see from her website (, what a loving mom and soft voice that express her desire to help you without a doubt. The reality is once you get started with her, she is barely available. If you keep pitching, you might be able to get in, then be ready to finish your questions as soon as possible because she might ends up the conversation at any minute.

The slow, soft voice is just a public show. In reality, she is fast talking, barely patient enough to help you. Don”t expect she will mentor you hand by hand, she is extremely selfish. Let me give you one of the examples:

She is constantly in contact with an internet marketing expert to help her internet advertising. And she is doing well on it. But she is not asking this expert to train us, nor is she willing to train us herself. What she did instead is that one day she suddenly comes up with ANOTHER internet marketing guy, and she said this guy has done a great service to her that she is extremely enthusiastic that we use this guy for our internet marketing.

Normally, if she is so energetic to do something for you, it has to be there are benefits for her. I doubted in the first sense, talked to the assistant of the internet marketing guy. The assistant says she doesn”t know if Wendy is using service with us or not, Wendy has been on the internet for a while she has her own campaigns So there are 2 reasons Wendy is recommending this to her associates:

a. she did use this internet marketing guy, but internet success can not be duplicated easily. With she brings so many profit for that guy, he will be able to concentrate on her campaigns, make it excellent while still make a lot of money.

b. she might not be using it. But for all these referrals, she got incentives.

Since she insisted this is a great guy, I tried their service. Find out all they did is the basic staff of setting up your yahoo and google account you already know. And that is it. They are no longer willing to do anything more despite the expensive monthly payment you made to them. All associates are just victims.

The question is: why she won”t recommend the other internet expert to help us for free; she absolutely can do it. But rather she is recommending us such a paid service????

There is only one reason that can make her sweet and patient to you: that is money!

2. BE AWARE if she suddenly treat you very nice, she is after you for money: If you are her associate, don”t stay close to her, your loyalty will just turn yourself in as her next pray for production purchasing.

Her attitude will suddenly turn 180. She become so nice and give you bunch of good compliments. You will then believe yourself as being a leader and you buy the expensive product because you “know” it is a good investment.

3. high sales pressure: if you aren”t willing to buy the product right away, she will tell you that she is highly successful and therefore very busy too, she can”t take it if you don”t buy. Naive home business seeker who believed this great perfect for your success mentor will be the reason they become successful, will agree to buy the product right away and even afraid of she won”t help them.

4. Lying, lying lying: Here is another approach to sell product. She will tell you that she wasn’t” successful at that time either (but later she did it) so you should just position yourself at the next level, then success will come. But the fact turned her in: there is proven record she already had big success by the time. So you can see she will do thing at any cost, ethical or not, as long as for her profit.

For all she has done to me, I still tried to trust her, believing she is the leader. So I participated her team call as usual. She was so gorgeous on the phone, she is motivating the team, excellent speech, and if an associate had a question, she will try to answer all their questions and ask if there are any more. I hit my head, saying you are too skeptical, what a nice leader. But suddenly there is something turned the corner again: she told everyone, folks you got to make it and believe, you know when I first got started, I was over $110k in debt! Oh my goodness, how come her debt flied from $65k to $110k now. And she continued talked, this team is growing, we got so many new associates standing out as leaders and summit advisors.

Well I always heard her talked about new submit advisors, but why she never mention their names or introduce them to the team so we can learn. Those are good role models, why she is not doing it. Of course she always got new associate through all the techniques I mentioned above. But she forgot to do the deductions: associates that are leaving or not producing results.

In a word, she”ll do anything, at any cost, sacrificing others to make sure her pocket is full. The example below would blow your head off.

5. She will steal your potential customer: If you are ever going to ask her to help you make a sale, and especially even she had made thousands from you, if you haven”t turned in more customers for her, with her greedy instinct she will steal your customers. You will find out that a customer who is very likely to join suddenly disappeared. So there is only one rule here: as long as you joined me, buy products, make me profitable, but I won”t provide that much support, it is your business your responsibility (so don”t blame me for not helping). And if you don”t work well, I”ll just take your customers as a supplement.

Even I had always have some sceptical feeling for Wendy Stevens for the ways she operate things and for all the mistreatment she did to me, I still tried to vision and picture her as a good person. It is a shame that I betrayed myself by not listening to my gut feeling. And this is my outcome. If a fool like me wakes up finally, it probably wouldn’t”t be hard for you too.

If you still had the fantasy that joining a successful people will make you successful as well, be careful. Only find successful people who build their success on other people”s success, not other people”s sacrifice.

Alex Cincinnati, Ohio

Wendy Stevens .. another MLM “Lifestyle Coach”

This bitch was telling folks to take out 2nd mortgages along with Tony Rush over at Liberty League International …

#3 UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wendy Stevens is a convicted felon with an extensive history of credit card fraud and theft

AUTHOR: Dan – (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is Wendy Steven’s dirty little secret. This is what she does not tell you about herself when she is on stage or on the phone running her mouth. Wendy Stevens admitted in a Tennessee court that she stole and illegally used the credit cards of several of her personal friends and that other people that she knew also. 

Her appeal was denied by the court because she had such an extensive history of committing the same type of credit card fraud and theft. Investigators found store surveillance video from a local Target store in Tennessee that caught Wendy Stevens on tape using a stolen credit card. 

See Wendy Steven’s criminal past here:…3/stevensw.pdf

1 2 3 4 5 Jul 5, 2013

Didn’t get what I’ve paid for

Wendy Stevens company is a total fraud. Under the mask of profitable corporation they hide their fraudulent business, where they take money from the honest people and give nothing back. 
I was contacted by their representative some time ago offering me a position in their company and opportunity for profitable investing. I signed up to represent them as an independent associate. I made it clear through numerous e-mails and telephone conversations that I needed an immediate cash flow from this investment. Wendy Stevens assured me that I will get everything I want but then I understood that she simply lied to me.Once I got into the business details and started prospecting, I realized that this product is like any other. There are no quick fixes. The sales process is long, especially with a brand that has no national recognition and where many involve new technologies. This product will not “sell itself” as was promised, nor is there any chance in hell that it is going to pay me $2,500 a month as they promised. 

Wendy Stevens uses a pyramid scheme. The greatest returns come from not selling products or services, but from recruiting members. After careful analysis, I contacted their rep again and asked for a refund and all that she offered was to put me on “inactive” status. To reactive, I would have to pay money again! 

2020 Fieldstone Parkway, Franklin, Tennesse 37069
Phone: (615) 599-1525

Here is Wendy Stevens email to one of her victims.  Its important to note while Wendy Stevens wants her new potential victims to think she is a wild success, when it comes to repaying victims she rips off, she is near broke!


I was so sorry to get this e-mail.
I’ve always loved you and neither one of us wanted it to end up like this.
I’m alive because you supported and cared for me when my open heart surgery surprised us both.
I want to pay you back as quickly as possible and have a plan to do so.
I understand that what you “see” online is what is posted by Sharon’s social media team.
The reality is that I ended my future business relationship amicably with Sharon Lechter in November 2015. I’ll not be at any of those future events. I am only fulfilling commitments on a monthly basis
– I have already earned a sum of money with her that I thought would have been available to completely pay off my remaining debt to you by 2015.
– Unfortunately, her team has not forthcoming with the numbers and have been only paying me enough to survive on. This is why my re-payments to you were going to continue kick back in Feb 1st @ $2500 per month. 
I did get a new client based on a referral from Deb Patel so in the short term, I will be able to pay you a minimum of $3000 per month.
As you know, I’ve always paid back my debts to everyone. (THIS IS NOT TRUE!!)   Paying you back has always been at the top of my priority list. (She could have fooled her victim as she never heard from her) I know how disappointed you are and how angry you get over my circumstances and lack of communication because I’ve let you down.
Last year, I ran myself ragged doing the best I could to get back on my feet but ended up with another dramatic health wake up call of being hospitalized with pneumonia in December.  
I’ve reengineered my lifestyle. I’m not traveling and am taking Albuterol and am on oxygen support three times per day in recovery.
My ill health again was a clear sign from God that I need to re-align my priorities to make health number one. (Ya think) 
I will pay you off as soon as possible and will be making regular increased payments through Chase directly on the first of each month.
I do have some additional good news that will finally support me in paying you back along with an additional 10% interest of $18,000 by the end of 2016. If I can make that entire payment earlier, I will.  Of course, this will only be possible if I manage my stress levels and remain focused on looking after my health.
Deb Patel and I have a full time major launch in the pipeline right now that includes a book “What You Say & How You Say It”  Platinum Prospecting virtual workshops etc. She prepaid all costs for book writing as well as online staff to make the launch happen.  She has also insisted that the first profits from the business go to paying you back 100% plus interest. This can be verified with her.
I don’t want to give you reasons – I want to give you results!  I have done everything in my power to pay you back what I owe you. There is no way that I could have anticipated the health challenges that I’ve had.  Again, without your loving and generous support I would not be alive today.  I am eternally grateful to you for that.
Even though we are not together, I love, respect and appreciate you deeply.  
Thanks again for your extraordinary support.  You are an angel.
*****NOTE, after this letter, Wendy Stevens when confronted with the real and true facts, had the fangs and claws come out and threatened her victim and the daughter of her victim, very sad*****


If you or someone you know has been a victim of the fraudulent actions, cons, and deceit of Wendy Stevens, please contact this site, or email agents at or

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