Do not do business with Connor Costello and Sean Flynn, Washington state lawyers of con and scam woman Dawndee Gaub. This woman has been voted con woman of the year for 2014. Scam woman Dawndee Johnston demands the lawyers force her victims to pay her cost, her taxes, her penalties. The lawyers know a scam went down, but are assisting the co-conspirator of the scam and forcing the victims to pay for it out of what is left of their own money!





A number of facts have come out on the scam that Dawndee Gaub (Johnston) later refereed to as just (Dawndee) and her husband Dan Gaub (Dan) perpetrated. What we do know so far, as to the start of it, is that Dan Gaub, a loser and man that had never had any real or long term success in his life, along with his wife Dawndee Gaub, wanted the good life. They did not care how they built it. They had a brother named Nathan Gaub (Nathan) that also helped with the scam in a big way. We will be covering some of how Dan and Dawndee Gaub scammed people and how she scammed her way into being personal representative (PR) of the assets, that her and her husband stole from people. We will also explain WHY she wanted to be the PR. There was a major serious benefit to her being the PR. Its not something she is doing for free as they try to explain to you. She has been given hundreds of thousands in benefits for rubber stamping the bills of lawyers, that are raping the victims with their billings!



Dan and Dawndee, along with Nathan went forth, telling lies and getting victims to trust them, by associating themselves with Ken Gaub Ministries. This is a operation ran by Ken Gaub (Ken). Ken built the operation by deception and teaching his children if you come up with fake people, fake stories and sell it well, you can make a lot of money. This Ken did. He would tell stories of literally raising a baby to life from death, to calls God put together for him and directed to locations he was at via pay phones. These and many other stories conned people into giving. And giving well! Dan grabbed that touch, with his brother Nathan and started making up all sorts of fake people that never existed. Examples are, Clark, the fake billionaire adviser, to Terry, the fake lawyer. Dan and Dawndee started taking in massive amounts of money in the tens of millions, telling people that Dan was some success in life. Ken Gaub continues this big fat lie to this day, in his printed matter and side shows on the road. That his son was wildly successful. There is some truth to it. Dan was a successful con man!

Dan and Dawndee made up a fake foundation. Now one thing we have come across a lot is how the lawyers, coming up later in the story, always talk of Dawndee, the PR and her fiduciary responsibility. We have to ask the hard questions. Where was this duty to determine if this fake Star Five Foundation was real? Where was it in wanting to find out why they never paid their taxes anymore? Where was it on why they were broke, why they had as much as a hundred calls a day coming in by angry investor’s and yet Dan and Dawndee were still taking in more money. She forged Dan’s name many times, bore witness to by many victims. She had the check book and many say was some little business person. She has claimed “Innocent wife status”. To be an innocent wife, someone has to be guilty. That would be Dan. Dawndee Gaub, who has her lawyers, victims pay for, refer to her as an “Innocent spouse” refuses to call Dan Gaub guilty as the fraud he was. How can you be innocent as a spouse if your husband is not guilty of anything?  This makes no sense and yet they plan to go forth and sue people for participating in a crime Dawndee Gaub says never happened! The evidence is overwhelming that Dawndee Gaub is part of the scam. She is going to try to claim she did not know they were broke. Did not know that Dan’s stories to everyone, even on the radio, that they were worth millions was a lie. That they were not filing tax returns. Not paying house taxes. That she did not know, despite what hundreds of victims say about her knowing full well, that people are calling non-stop, as much as a hundred plus times a day wanting their money back. This while Dawndee and Dan are telling people things are fine.

One victim was there just days before Dan committed suicide and right in front of Dawndee, when asked how things were going, they both beamed with joy about the Lords blessing and the abundance of the business and how well it was going! This article could go on for pages about Dawndee Gaubs knowledge this was a scam, but she either looked the other way, or was part of it. The evidence facts and witnesses shows she did both many times.

Witnesses have stated in statements under oath, that Dawndee Gaub had the check book. She signed and forged Dan’s name many times. That people who were already invested and were demanding their money back, were told by Dawndee Gaub, Dan can not give you what he does not have. To those not yet invested, Dawndee had a “praise the Lord and the blessing are abundant”. In fact, at the funeral, on tape, she crows how they lived a life of abundance. Never a mention of the truth and how everything had fallen apart in this long, taped praise of the life Dan Gaub had lived. She, nor one Gaub teared up once at the funeral. In fact, laughing and giddy the whole clan was. This made a number of their victims, unaware of the fact they were victims yet, uncomfortable.




Dan ran this program with his wife for years. They drew in major money and lived the life of the rich and famous. Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, Lexus and other automobiles was part of what Dan got for him and his wife to drive. Large luxury water vessels also were part of what Dan and Dawndee felt people of their caliber deserved! They both claim on tape that God poured his blessing out to them financially. These words, while the truth was, they were both involved in conning people out of their life savings. This money to be used by the crooked couple to enjoy their life’s on the backs of their victims! As Dan and Dawndee’s scam started to come unglued, they found the money to pay up tens of thousands in life insurance money to insure that the policy they had, would be in effect.

Many alleged Dan and Dawndee Gaub planned his death and knew well it would happen. Dan and Dawndee felt on the third day, they could just raise him back to life. Dan is finally confronted by people that can get action taken and bring the law down on him. He gets on a motor bike, with expired tabs, with no insurance with house slippers on and plans out his last ride. As hundreds of calls by angry investors are coming in, Dan runs full speed into a semi-truck. This ripping his leg off and leaving him to bleed out on the road. Numerous bones are broke in his body.

When Dawndee is confronted with his death, her actions show witnesses she had to have known the plan and been part of it. She does attempt to have some very weird and strange program that would rise the scam artist back from the grave. As with all the other scams pulled by the Gaub family, the effort is a failure. His worthless dead corpse is burned and other family members donate the money for a funeral.

Not but a person or two is aware that they have been scammed. The church is full of people thinking a wonderful Christian man was taken home by the Lord. Here is an very interesting fact about Dan and the incredibly cowardly act of killing himself to escape justice. Had the con man lived, he would have been arrested, hand cuffed, tried and convicted and sent off for 30-40 years or more.



Had CON MAN Dan lived, Dawndee Gaub,  the co-conspirator, would not have been able to touch this money, direct how it was spent, or get her legal fees paid for because Dan has been the coward that he was all his life and ran off and killed himself, Dawndee Gaub would be rewarded. She would be set up as the Personal Representative of the Dan Gaub Estate. Very pretigious! Now, with Dan presented as a honest man by her, she would take control of the money. She would hire the lawyers, they would do her bidding! Dawndee Gaub would decide it all. She would weld the power, she would decide who was sued, who was not sued. Who got relief from the court and who would not. She was off to the races.

Now some would say, well, she was given non-intervention powers. This would limit the con-woman’s ability to steal more money. She already was insisting to have cash given to her, her children, demanding credit card bills, dental and more be paid. The problem for that legally, is that everything would need motions and this has been outrageously costly for the victims. Reason, with non-intervention powers, each act would cost thousands to run past the Judge each time expenditures over a thousand dollars was taken. More costly than that was the fact, that Dawndee would insist her family was given special considerable resources of the estate, in the form of legal fees, that would cover motions they wanted, for things they continue to desire. Cost was no object.

A few examples we have reviewed, is that her son, Jourdan Gaub, wanted a broke down car. We have no idea why for sure. Whatever the case, normally any other person would hire a lawyer, make a motion and let the court decide. When the PR is your mama, she just demanded the lawyers she had hired, do all the leg work, costing thousands and thousands to assist Jourdan Gaub in getting the price of the item he wanted down. Its important to understand, this young man had bragged to many that he was given million(s) of the money of the victims. He also had the lawyers fight to get him lap tops he claimed was his. No proof mind you of anything offered by Gaubs. Nathan Gaub had challenges out of a out house style house he lives in. A dump it is described by many. The estate should have just let it be foreclosed on by the bank and taken away. Instead, they have spent tens upon tens of thousands to try to help Nathan Gaub stay in it. Which he has. Apparently rent free. Gotta love attorneys Pat Vane from Seattle and Sean Flynn from Seattle Tacoma area. They just love to run up cost for the victims on behalf of the Gaubs. Their client Dawndee Gaub approves it all! What a set up this is!




Now that he was killed in this “Horrific accident” the Gaubs would get full control, with Dawndee Gaub, who did not have a dime of her own money in the estate, in charge of the money. They would fight motions to even hear the victims motions to have her removed as PR. Judge Vanderschoor is appointed as the Judge and he refuses to listen to any argument over Dawndee Gaub as PR heard. The evidence is overwhelming of her guilt, but Judge Vandershoor refused to listen to victims. Many showed that day and signed sworn statements of their disgust in having her as the PR. After not being heard, the Judge refusing to even hear the motion, not one of the victims that signed sworn statements for the removal of Dawndee Gaub PR, showed again to a single hearing. Many said the system was rigged. Dawndee Gaub had screwed them before and was now in a position to screw them again and was doing it!

Judge Vandershoor makes it clear he does not like prose litigants. That is those that prefer to represent themselves. He wants people to, unlike Dawndee Gaub, spend their own money, hire lawyers. These lawyers would be fought by the lawyers Dawndee Gaub hired with the victims own money. For those that hire lawyers, such as one man and his wife, they would have to spend tens of thousands. In one case, the man was conned by the Gaubs and he lost his entire retirement. He took it out, took IRS Penalties and now has put himself tens of thousands in debt to even try to get justice. His effort was fruitless. Dawndee Gaub and her powerful, high priced lawyers fought the man. He was one of the last, if not the last to put more money with the Gaubs. Two weeks before Dan commits suicide, they put another $20,000.00. The last of their money with Dan. Dan and Dawndee Gaub blew the money and never invested it. This victim is now so broke, his lawyer puts out nearly a thousand dollars of the lawyers own money, to send notice to all the other victims.

The most outspoken of the victims, had told the lawyers, get a motion if you must and have the Judge approve that if these victims, that have no notice of appearance want information on the estate, have them provide an email address. The lawyers have refused efforts to streamline the cost and process. The paper and postage alone has run into the many tens of thousands for all the parties. The estate being the worst. It does not bother the lawyers for Dawndee Gaub as they do not have to bill their client and its profit for them. But for victims, it has meant thousands in cost on top of all of their already staggering losses!

Here is an interesting question: Why does a family, sinking in debts, with taxes unpaid on their residence, increasing debt, with large interest and penalties, decide to scrape together, the last dollar they have, to pay up at great cost, $26,500.00 in back loans to the life insurance policy? This needs to be paid up to be in effect. A healthy man, does this, at this cost, for what reason? Many people claim the evidence and other facts, shows Dawndee Gaub knew full well her husband was going to kill himself and was in approval of this. Was crazy enough she felt she could raise him back up on the third day and in fact did attempt to raise him up, with great fan fair. This makes no sense.

Keep in mind, Dawndee Gaub has told many, her and Dan have NO SECRETS. They tell each other everything and know everything about each other as they were together for over 36 years! If true, then she was part of the scam. At best, she allowed it to go on under her nose, saying nothing as she enjoyed all the trappings of life, she referred to with Glee at the funeral as a “Life of abundance”.



Numerous victims are in serious trouble with the IRS. Dawndee and Dan Gaub conned many folks into drawing out retirement funds to give them. In these cases, as many know, you take a penalty and pay the tax on it. Many of these folks were told they would make it up and more, so do not worry. The irony of it all. Certainly one of the biggest irony’s. Many of the victims have serious tax problems. One the lawyers for the victimizer Dawndee Gaub, fought hard to give no relief to one such victim He has lost it all. Now further in debt for a lawyer and now has battles with the IRS.



It appears that the position of the estate is that Dawndee and Dan were running a straight up business. That this is a normal estate. That the IRS Debts, from returns they never filed, along with the penalties should be all paid by the victims Dan and Dawndee robbed. It might surprise readers of this article to know, that is exactly what is taking place. While a number of victims languish, having given their retirements to Dawndee and Dan Gaub to spend and enjoy, the victims have to fight the IRS over the matter. Which appears to not be working out.

On the other hand, Dawndee Gaub will walk off, Scott free, all of her debts, penalties, interest, serious legal cost for getting it all figured out, paid in FULL by the victims Dawndee Gaub robbed.What a deal. I bet she thanks Dan ever single day for killing himself. As stated before, had he not, she would be in some serious hot water. With him dead, the victims pick up the whole tab for everything. She stands the chance to walk away, squeaky clean, having no debts, no legal bills, no IRS debts. This while her victims are SUNK in the mire she and her con artist husband created.



The lawyers for Dawndee Gaub have spouted a number of times about the serious nature of the fiduciary responsibility that Dawndee Gaub has and that is why they as lawyers must spent so much time (lets face it money) to insure that things are done fair. The estate has been treated like one of, Dawndee Gaub and her lawyers against or verses the victims. The reason for this has been all the money has been gobbled up by the lawyers on behalf of Dawndee Gaub, her debts, her obligations, her family, her tax problems, her penalties, her interest and more.

Where was that fiduciary duty when she was pushing securities? Oh, we have too many victims that say it was Dawndee Gaub, not Dan that sold them on the scam. Did she or Dan once give them a prospectus? Did they once check to see if they were accredited investors and could withstand a full and complete loss of this fine “FX Robot”? It would be one thing if the FX Robot was real, but as with everything, it was a fake as this couple.

Where was the fiduciary duty to examine if she, Dawndee Gaub and her husband really were worth hundreds of millions? Where is that Fiduciary duty to find out why you are not filing your taxes each year, despite stating, (lets face it lying) on the FBI Tape, that you were each year? How about that fiduciary responsibilities one would have to check on it the foundation you are the speaker for is real? I mean if you are going to have your face on a professionally done tape, telling people you are going to raise a BILLION DOLLARS, should you do a little checking on that, PERSONALLY?

Again, the list of failures to do any fiduciary duty on the part of Dawndee Gaub is pages and pages. Now, they claim its her fiduciary duty as PR to do this and to do that. Most of this to do, is all to do with more money for the lawyers. The lawyers have claimed “We did not make this mess, but we are here to clean it up”. Sounds heart warming. They are here to clean up alright!! They are cleaning up all the way to the bank with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of the victims dollars. All approved and rubber stamped as needed and necessary by Dawndee Gaub, so-conspirator and con woman.

Before this is over most say it will top into seven figures for the lawyers. Professionals that are in the know and know the legal system, know how estates work, how claw backs work, say the lawyers have refused to listen to them or any advice. They are doing this the most expensive way possible. Ideas to streamline, have simply been ignored! And getting a professional, non-biased PR from the start, with out the serious level in the conflicts of interest department would have saved the estate in the six figures and that is factual.

These lawyers remind us of a movie called Avatar. People come to a place, they know nothing about. They desire to find ways to profit and enrich themselves. This at the cost of the people who were already taken advantage of and victimized. The “client” of these folks coming to help themselves to others money and assets, is the very person that caused the fraud and scam to take place. Anyone who attempts to fight the efforts of those folks that do the bidding of the monster that started the whole mess, is considered and called a “Hostile”. You have to have watched the show to understand the analogy. The “Client” of the lawyers, who are cleaning up, big time, enriches herself and her family, at additional cost and expense to the very victims she and her husband victimized. Yet those who do not want her around, who are angry at the lawyers that are putting hundreds of hundreds of thousands in their pockets, doing her bidding, are called the bad guys, the hostiles, anything but victims.

The lawyers claim they have been ORDERED by the Judge to move forward and sue “winning investors”. This ORDERED by the Judge, was their IDEA to be ORDERED by the Judge. This action should be done on a contingency basis. It was not going to be done at all because the lawyers, at the bidding of Dawndee Gaub, had almost cleaned out every dime. By the time they pay all of Dawndee Gaub’s bills for her unpaid taxes, her unpaid penalties, interest and all legal to make that happen, there will be little left. The lawyers stated in writing they did not have the money to sue any winning investors. Now they have no choice and practically begged the Judge, to allow them to sue. So the Judge signed their order, their request to try to sue. The Judge also stated that he basically did not want good money after bad. Watch, as these lawyers now claim they are court ordered to sue and will sue and no matter what the cost, no matter if it looks like a waste of money, that does not belong to them, or their “client” Dawndee Gaub, they will do her bidding and she will rubber stamp their bills. Its a marriage made in heaven! They take care of all of Robber and CON-WOMAN Dawndee Gaubs desires, needs, wants and legal cost, she will rubber stamp their bills are needed and necessary and reasonable. Wow, what a great deal! Strange bed fellows this group makes!


People wonder why EVIL PREVAILS SO MUCH. People that stand up, are beat up in court: This is why no one wants to stand up anymore, even rape victims. Courts demand that people hire lawyers, or if you are a rape victims, other lawyers shame and beat you up. In the Gaub case, Dawndee is in charge. Again, if her con artist husband had not taken the cowards way out, the money would be secure, non-conflicting persons would be in charge, that have zero conflicts of interest. The Gaubs taxes, penalties, fines and other things they ran up, that they are responsible for, would not be paid. They legal cost would not be paid for by the victims. Victims would not be forced to cover the legal cost for extremely expensive leg work to help get the cost of items the Gaubs wanted down.

For those victims that do hire lawyers, how does that work out? Well, they are one up against Dawndee Gaub’s panel of high priced lawyer. So they lose anyway and are just further in debt. Maybe the prose man the Judge does not like, already had had that experience a time or two before. Plus, many state no one knows the case better than him.



Lets face some facts. All evidence shows that Dawndee Gaub not only knew herhusband was a fraud, knew they were broke, knew that there was no “Clark” knew there was no “Terry”, but assisted Dan, her husband in promoting the scam, on both U-Tube, and other in person presentations, claim a number of victims. At best, if we believe Dawndee Gaub, she says, “I did not know the gun was loaded, I did not know anyone would get hurt”. Does a person have an obligation before pointing a gun at someone to determine if it is loaded? Should they check to see if the foundation they have their name, their face, their reputation promoting, on the world wide web, is REAL? Should they try to find out why they are not filing their taxes each year? Should she try to find out why hundreds of people are calling them and coming by the house asking WHERE IS OUR MONEY? This while actually taking in more money! Is there any obligation to see if there is any real investments?

I mean lets faceit, dear Dawndee Gaub is one heart beat away from being the sole owner of the powerful Star Five Foundation, RIGHT? Dawndee Gaub is one heart beat away from being the sole owner of the hundreds of millions Dan Gaub claimed to anyone and everyone thatwouldhear him,claimedhe had. SO, does she not have an obligation, a duty, a fiduciary responsibility to check the will? To meet the lawyer, the financial adviser, etc, etc etc etc etc? Lets be honest, lets face it, she does not ask, pretends she just did not know, BECAUSE she DID KNOW! She did know they had no money. She did know Dan Gaub was a bum! The evidence shows this! If she did not, then she would have demanded to know some facts. Asked questions! Why bother if you are part of the scam? Where is that Fiduciary duty the lawyers all sing that Dawndee Gaub has as an excuse to torment and fight at great cost to the victims any victim that desires relief? This while offering free legal to any Gaub who needs help.

These questions are out there and guess what, she just plays stupid. This while under oath, Nathan Gaub says she(Dawmdee Gaub) was in control, she made the demands, barked the commands and told him what to do right after Dan’s death. Apparently forcing him to become the “Defacto” owner of Gaub FX. Why one may ask? Because Nathan said she wanted to stop charge backs from “investors” (we say victims), from charging back from the trainings. This is kind of crazy. Nathan claims he does not know how to trade, is just a web man, but now, in place of Dan, Nathan Gaub will be the teacher, the prophet of PROFIT according to what Dawndee Gaub tells Nathan and demands he must do. At least this is what Nathan Gaub, older brother of scam man Dan claims under oath.


Many victims state Dawndee and Dan Gaub, were tools of the devil. This evil couple brought down hell on so many Christians that put their trust and faith into the Gaubs. They became the prey of the Gaubs who allowed themselves to be tools of the devil and to help the devil destroy lives.



It is basically, you can go out and rob people. Live a great life, the life you always wanted and in the end, if the heat is on, just have one of the pair, kill themselves and they can still be in charge of the very loot they stole, from the very victims, that have to hire their own legal help. What a message this has been. Dawndee Gaub has been rewarded for her actions. Treated like a queen and person of prestigious position. In charge and in control. The victims, treated like villains. Called liars and forced to not only spend their own time and money if they want help of the court, but to have their very funds, used against them by the lawyers that Dawndee Gaub hired. Every victim with an issue has had to fight and would lose. Every Gaub that had a concern, just used the victims money and got what they wanted.



What do the facts show? Dawndee Gaub is well aware that all of her victims, unless you made some fake profits from Dan and Dawndee did not want Dawndee Gaub as PR. They did not want her to touch their money. Did not want her in charge period! She ignored this knowing full well she would cause further pain and further suffering on her and Dan’s victims. If she cared about victims and was truly sorry for what happened, why would she allow more of their money to be USED on her and her families behalf? The victims are not going to heal for a long time. It took Dawndee over two years to file suit on her son. Over two years to file on winning investors. Why so much time? Somebody with half a brain would not have waited for year(s) to act on these things.

What suits they have filed, they let sit until a motion to dismiss for lack of action took place. Now they want to persecute a man that did nothing wrong. Who got fooled. Who fell victim to a con Dan Gaub perpetrated to weasel his way into another deal. As a direct and proximate result of the actions of Dawndee Gaub and her lawyers, this man and others lost the whole effort. Dawndee Gaub and her lawyers, sit on their thumps and let the whole thing go to foreclosure. Now with everyone out, they still want to look into getting a cut of something Dan Gaub conned his way into. Under false pretenses. What is worse, a possible chance for one of the people who has spent the most time in that development working it, with his money, by all documentation available. And his last shot at a chance to get something that the estate does not stand a chance of doing, is going down the drain. Dawndee Gaub and her lawyers refuse to listen to the facts and are like, if we can not get something, we will make sure no one does. This is how the PR and her team have worked. Them against the victims. No team work here!

Dawndee Gaub treated as a victim, as an “innocent spouse” as the “Client” but victims are fought, treated as liars, and those that can not be trusted! The hard reality, Dawndee Gaub and her lawyers hate the victims, at least the victims allege so. The lawyers Dawndee Gaub hired, claim what they do is for the victims and that victim rights are at stake.HERE IS AN AMAZING QUOTE “THERE IS NO GREATER TYRANNY THAN THAT WHICH IS PERPETRATED UNDER THE SHIELD OF THE LAW AND IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE” Charles de Secondat.  They have not seemed to care about those rights. They know the victims can not stand Dawndee Gaub, do not agree with her as PR or her choices in lawyers. Many victims have lost everything, but the only person coming out and getting attention, wants and needs addressed is Dawndee Gaub. No one can think of one thing thus far that has been done for the victims. The victims know that the lawyers have made hundreds of thousands and that Dawndee Gaub and her family have also made six figures worth of benefits. The victims are fully aware, that the facts to date are, they have not got a penny.

Look, no matter if they are purchasing a new car for the scam artist and co-conspirator Dawndee Gaub, or paying all of her taxes for her, they are using victim money to do it. What difference does it make what it is spent on, if it goes to benefit Dawndee Gaub, for expense that all people have, such as taxes, how is this legal, how is it fair and who is approving those expenses? Oh, that is right, Dawndee Gaub. How much notice are the victims given to object to the charges? About 24 hours. Interestingly, the lawyers for con artist Dawndee Gaub, object if a victim does a motion and does not give proper notice. It has been noted however, the lawyers themselves have broke such rules a number of times.

Lets keep one thing in mind, if Dawndee and Dan Gaub had robbed only one family, with the TENS OF MILLIONS they stole, being from one prominent family, does anyone really want to argue, she would not be the one looking after the funds, having all her legal cost paid for out of that victims pocket. Having her taxes, her penalties paid for by the very person she robbed. No way. Would never happen. Then why one has to ask is she allowed to now, since there is hundreds of victims? Because she has shown she is so good at spending the money and making sure it is spent on her and her families needs in the past?

This is not Dawndee Gaubs money. It is the victims, yet she rubber stamps the bills and cost that is pointed toward her benefit. How can that be and not be considered a serious conflict of interest? Something to think about.


If Dawndee Gaub is indicated, the Gaubs will turn on each other. Fight for deals, plea bargains. It always happens! The Gaubs know there is tons of evidence about what happened. The Gaubs attempted to clean up the mess, cover the trail.Did they do it good enough the question is to get away with what they were all a part of?

What have the lawyers honestly did that helped the victims? I mean many have looked over the bills and its all about helping the Gaubs, or running up needless, wasteful cost, to put money into the lawyers pockets! What Dawndee Gaub is doing now, is just little extensions of her and Dans scam to start with. She is playing everyone for fools, pretending she is being honest. Never once admitting wrong on any level of her or her scam ridden husband. She continues to help herself to money, while refusing to help a single victim!

We are asking anyone reading this article to not give any business to Rehmke and Flynn PLLC Tacoma office 917 Pacific Avenue Suite 407 Tacoma WA 98402  Seattle Office Lake Union Waterworks Building 1101 N. Northlake way #102 Seattle Washington 98103   Do not give any business to Patrick Vane, to Connor Costello, or Sean Flynn.  All lawyers helping the scam artist and taking money away from the victims pockets, to help the very person that hurt, scammed and conned the victims.  These lawyers are gearing up to sue “winning investors”.   This to help re-load the money they need to pay themselves as little to no funds are left after taking care of their “Client” and scam artist Dawndee Gaub and her and her families needs.  Since the PR and scam artist Dawndee Gaub claims over and over her scam artist husband was a honest good decent man, why are these “winning investors” being sued?   Its going to be interesting and if you are one of the winning investors, please contact FRAUDANDSCAMINVESTIGATOR7@GMAIL.COM   ASAP!

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