It has been a 9 to 1 vote in favor of naming Mark Segovia con man of the year! This man by virtue of the efforts and appeals of one person has been allowed to go years with zero results towards his commitments, to attempt to do right, on his wrong deeds. He sends in an exhibit or two now and then.This evidence is bogus as in the end, the fact remains, to date; he has not paid a dime to restore any victims of his lies and cons.  Deals and chances to resolve the cases that have been given to Segovia and he puts his middle finger up at all and continues to lead everyone on a wild goose chase.  Most likely, laughing his ass off that anyone is buying his deceptions.  This is all going to be changing big time!


It is to our knowledge, he makes numerous commitments on numerous levels and all of that is just another con. He has produced a “lawyer” that appears to be nothing but someone hired to cause smoke to Segovia’s mirrors to throw people off track.  The stories of funds coming in have been deemed another lie and deception created by Segovia to mislead people into thinking something is going on.


Segovia has been voted the CON MAN of the year for 2013.  This is considered in circles of con artist as very pretentious, so maybe Mark Segovia will be happy about that.   The pictures here are some of him and what he looks like.  Since this article will be going to media, law enforcement and numerous other victim advocacy groups and web sites, it is our hope he will not be able to hurt anymore victims or deceive anyone else, at least any further.   Segovia is what our board psychologist says, is a pathological liar and will never tell the truth.  He would lie if the truth sounded better.  If allowed to lie and string people on for the next 20 years, he will do it.  


The truth is he has never supplied any evidence to back, that literally anything is going on, of any nature to provide funds he has promised to help some of his victims. It is our belief; he never has had the intent to make things right on any level. He lives and takes care of himself very nicely and yet never has a dime to pay even people that trusted him and put forward to him, funds for travel and other such events in the past.  Please circulate to your own groups and boards this Article.  More information and stories are coming from victims and other folks that have inside knowledge of Mark Segovia.  Now that he is conman of the year, he will get much more attention and effort to bring him to justice and make sure he does not hurt or con anymore victims.  


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