Today it was announced that evidence is coming in that supports fully that Nathan Gaub was the owner and partner with his scam artist brother Dan Gaub of Gaubfx.   Nathan Gaub has lied for more than two years hoping to keep the heat off him for the scam his brother Dan Gaub pulled off.  Two years ago in May of 2012 when the heat was on, Dan Gaub used victim’s money to pay up his life insurance, so his wife and other co-conspirator could collect it when he ran his motorcycle, paid for with victim’s money, into a semi-truck and killed himself.

Now Nathan Gaub is attacking one of the victims who has worked hard to expose Nathan Gaub and all of Nathan Gaubs lies.   Nathan has lied under oath swearing he did not make any hit sites against the whistle blower, the one that wore the wire for the FBI to help get the warrant to seize the stolen assets the Gaubs had illegally gained.  Nathan Gaub has put up a site that he is hoping to use to con and hurt the man that helped the FBI.  It’s called WWW.CLIENTSRFIRSTSCAM.COM; this site is a farce and it was put up by Nathan Gaub.   Nathan Gaub has admitted under oath in his deposition that he knows of no one that the man or his company have scammed, yet Nathan Gaub is hoping to attempt to destroy the mans business.  This man has for over 20 years helped victims of scams and has an A + rating with the BBB.  Zero complaints by real people.  Nathan has come up with a fake made up man he calls “Lee”.  This goes along with his brother Dan’s fake people, called “Clark”, “Terry” and others that have been confirmed to be fake.  Nathan crows that his brother was a righteous man and did no wrong.  Con man Ken Gaub, Father of Dan Gaub, taught his boys the life of crime and how to con people by making up fake people and fake events.  Ken Gaub became famous by claiming a woman named “Millie” same name as Kens mother by an amazing coincidence, was directed by God to call him on a pay phone as he was walking down the street one day.   This lie and many others such as Ken Gaub claiming, that he Ken Gaub, raised a baby from the dead are the type of lies and cons he taught his boys to pull.

Dan Gaub had an incredible collection of fake watches and fake gifts, from friends like “Fifty Cent”.  This necklace Dan Gaub wore around his neck turned out to be worth, about fifty cents!   Dan Gaub was a fake in every form and fashion, yet Brother Nathan Gaub and Father Ken Gaub say he was honest and ethical in all ways.  Ken Gaub upon learning his son had just been killed, packed his bags, books and cons and hit the road the next day.  Clearly, he was very tore up about the suicide.  Why did God not give Ken a call for his own sons suicide as he did with the woman on the pay phone?  Why did  Ken not attempt to raise Dan Gaub back to life like he did the baby?  Did not even try.  Dawndee Gaub did.  She said Dan Gaub would rise from the grave on the third day as Jesus Christ himself did. This family of scam artist are now raiding the funds of the victims all over again.  Son Jourdan Gaub demanded victims cover thousand for his bills to get him a tore up car he wanted.  Sean Flynn lawyer for the estate, is doing what many victims are calling malfeasance of this money.  Billing the victims over $5000.00 to help Jourdan Gaub get the cost of the car down to  $1000.00.  From the objections of the one victim standing up tall to fight the Gaub scam machine, and the one Nathan Gaub now attacks with fake persons to try to destroy his business, this man convinced the Judge to add more cost to Jourdan Gaub for this car.  Jourdan has demanded victims cover his cost to get lap tops that the victims have paid for back into his hands.  Again, the estate hurts the victims in legal cost to move forward these demands.  Dawndee Gaub PR, is the fox in the hen house refusing to make her Son, Lord Jourdan pay his own freight, for his own request.  Instead Dawndee Gaub demands the victims cover the cost.   This has outraged many victims.

Nathan Gaub has stated under oath he will make the victims whole for all the thousands in cost they spent, to assist Nathan Gaub in his quest to get a house Nathan Gaub wanted.  To date, Nathan Gaub has refused to give the victims the money; they were forced to put out on behalf of Nathan Gaubs wants and demands. This while other victims have had real concerns, real issues and they are always told they must hire a lawyer, make a motion, pay all their own cost and bring it before the Judge.  The difference, those victims are then fought with the victims own money, approved by Dawndee Gaub, against the motions they have forced to pay out.   This while Dawndee has told any Gaub that has a concern,  bring it forward, your wish and your desire will be granted and we shall hand the cost for such wish and demand, amounting to many tens of thousands to the very victims that she, Dawndee Gaub Johnston and her husband Dan Gaub had scammed!  Stay tuned, more stories are being worked on and coming out about the Gaub Scam, how Dawndee Gaub Johnston, her son, Jourdan Gaub, called Lord Jourdan by some, Nathan Gaub, owner and partner with Scam artist Dan Gaub of Gaub FX and Father, teacher and patriarch of the scams, Ken Gaub have been involved.

A preview of some upcoming stories are one on Nathan Gaub.  He claims he now teaches children about economics.  This is a man that has ran a scam, ripped people off, by his own sworn testimony, been so poor with his own money he has been “wiped out three times” one in recent history.   This clown is the one that claims he is teaching kids!  This is scary!   The group he claims to work with is “Junior Achievement of Yakima”.   Nathan has lied so much, we have not bothered to verify if this is true, but will try to get an update.

Many who now call Jourdan Gaub, Lord Jourdan, was the son of scam artist Dan Gaub, who gave the man many are calling Lord Jourdan, two million dollars.  To date, no real efforts have been made by PR Dawndee Gaub (Johnston) to bring her son to accountability.   She claims under oath she has sent a couple letters to her son asking for an accounting, but he has refused to respond.  What has Sean Flynn done about it, why not one thing.  Not a subpoena or any other work.  However, the man that Nathan Gaub has attacked and built a site against, under a fake name, why that man has been given a subpoena, by the estate, approved by Dawndee Gaub.  What for, to get information on a deal that scam master Dan Gaub was able to scam his way into in Benton County.   The estate has spent tens of thousands to go after something that is lost to foreclosure.  Dan Gaub scammed his way into that event as a junior note holder.  Now that it is lost to foreclosure, the estate is spending tens of thousands to nose into something that they have zero chance of getting a dime for.   This while the estate has spent tens of thousands to assist co-scam-master Nathan Gaub and co-owner and partner of Gaub FX the scam arm of the whole operation.  Nathan has insisted under oath that when Dan Gaub died, Dawndee Gaub, who has swore she had no knowledge of her husbands financial dealings, demanded that Nathan Gaub become the defacto owner.  Why one would ask?  Well, because of money Nathan Claims.   Dawndee Gaub wanted Nathan to lie, say he was the owner so that charge backs
for Dan’s amazing secret FX system would not take place.  This and other equally bizarre Gaubage is now being told and sported around by Nathan Gaub.

If you or someone you know of has information about any of the Gaubs and their scams, contact this site immediately!



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