Out of Sunnyside,WA Suzy Axmaker along with her business Shop Alot For Less, LLC has taken thousands from investors.

 Suzy Axmaker who is know to work out of Sunnyside and Yakima, Washington has borrowed tens of thousands from an investor.  The investor became known to Axmaker through a craigslist business advertisement for loans.  She talks investors into giving her their hard earned money and acts like she is sophisticated as well as educated when it comes to being an investor. Once Suzy gains the trust of her victims(investors) she convinces them to invest with her on certain properties.  In one case, the investor gave her tens of thousands of dollars.  The contract was clear it was for a specific property. When the deal goes south (falls apart),  Axmaker holds onto the investor’s money and refuses to return it. The complete opposite of what Axmaker agreed to do in the contract.  This went on and on despite the investor asking nicely for her to return the money.  Axmaker claimed she was way too busy to deal with the investor all while she continued to hold onto the money the investor gave her. Then the investor had to pay someone thousands to help her get the money back.  The investor was out a great deal of time and thousands of dollars attempting to get Axmaker to do the right thing, which was what Axmaker had already gave her word she would do, return the money.  

As for another case, Axmaker was going through the well known website Craigslist and searching ads until she  found another investor.  She was able to get the investor to give her nearly fifty thousand dollars.  Axmaker was late on the very first payment, and has now refused to make any payments or to contact the investor to make things right. This has tied up his funds.  The investor has no way to gain access to his property as Axmaker still has her name on it.  Axmaker has also refused to even let the investor know if she purchased insurance as she gave her word she would do so in the contract.   Axmaker sent a text to the investor which this reporter was able to confirm as true.  The texts from Axmaker stated “I am sorry I was rude, it was not nice”.  Then Axmaker went on to say, “I really feel I have too much going on.  Business and personal.  I might have been taking it out on you.  I feel bad for all the stress I have caused you”.  Despite acknowledging she has done wrong, Axmaker has decided to continue to hurt the individuals (investors) who gave their trust and funds to her.

She has been going by various other names such as: Marilyn Susie Axmaker, Marilyn Suzie Axmaker, Marilyn Axmaker and Marilyn S Axmaker. She has also been involved with the following businesses: Casa Blanca Construction LLC, Casa Blanca Estates LLC, Margo 2 LLC, Real Estate Counseling Inc, Shop Alot For Less LLC, and TCB Investment Properties, LLC.

We are letting it be known that Suzy Axmaker, SHOP ALOT FOR LESS LLC from Sunnyside and Yakima Washington areas is being listed as high alert! You should do your homework on this lady before you do any business dealings with her.  She also has made claims that she travels to Arizona.  From what we are hearing from numerous individuals, if you invest money with Axmaker, you are subjecting yourself to what Axmaker herself claims will be “Stress” she will cause you.   In the end, Axmaker will refuse to work with you, not answer your calls and force you to spend money and time just to get your own money back.  If you, or someone you know has invested with Suzy Axmaker and the deal has gone bad,  or is thinking about investing with her, please contact James Rider at, Jamesintfraudalert@yahoo.com


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