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We have been watching to see how the estate of the late Dan Gaub (con artist) is being handled and what will happen in the end. We have not, as a group who helps victims of crimes seen such a uncalled for amount of mishandling of fees and costs before! Below, we will give you an idea of what is happening:


A woman who goes by the name Dawndee Gaub (Johnston) who was co-conspirator with her husband Dan Gaub, (one of the master minds with his brother Nathan Gaub who helped to con many of their friends out of money) insisted despite the cry’s of her victims to be the PR (personal representative) of the estate. She started her demands by giving herself as well as her grown children cash out of the victims pockets. Also, she was awarded a life insurance policy (in the six figures) that the victims paid for. She also insisted that all of her legal cost were paid for by the victims as well as her credit cards , her dental and much more.

The next issue is her son Jourdan and the broke down car he just had to have. All of the victims of her crimes must get their own lawyers and bring forward their own motions. Her son Jourdan Gaub, who also, by his own words on FBI wires, states he was given two million of victims money. He wanted the car that was under the estate. Sean Flynn instead of saying you must (as all of the victims of the Gaubs) get your own lawyer, insisted that he himself (Sean Flynn) would do all the leg work such as: make calls, do research, run up thousands and thousands in cost to help the estate do better. This was not of help! This work done by Sean Flynn was to help Jourdan Gaub get the price of the car down to $1000.00. Yes, understand this, the victims had to pay out of their pockets thousands and thousands in legal cost, which was then put into the pockets of Rehmke & Flynn, so that Jourdan Gaub could get the price of the car down to $1,000. Jourdan also wanted laptops he said resided at his parents house. He gave no proof they were even his personal property. These worthless laptops cost the victims a lot of money to hand to Jourdan Gaub.   The victims picked up the legal cost again to have this action done and much other cost for things that only benefited the Gaubs.  The very family that got the money that was taken from victims and enjoyed spending it.  The victims are beyond outraged! People around the world are becoming aware of this and they are getting very upset as well.

One victim of the Gaubs and the estate lawyers, is a man out of Benton County in the state of Washington. He was in need of money for a development. The funds were given to him and he was told to make a note to Dan Gaub. It is a long story, but the note was done as a scam by Dan Gaub, so he could weasel his way into a deal, in which he never put a dime of his own money, never met the developer or spoke to the developer.  Now, as a direct result of the misleading conduct of Dan Gaub and the estates refusal to listen to the facts as they eagerly do for each Gaub issue, the whole development, Junior note holders division, was lost to foreclosure since not one title company would insure a clean title. Now that this Benton County mans dream has been lost and his family is in grave financial shape, along comes the estate lawyers, suing this man! This suit and its cost sat for a year and a half. A clerks motion to dismiss took place because the estate we suspect knew the man was broke and did nothing with the suit.

Now to keep the suit alive, the estate has spent more of the victims money to keep it from being dismissed for lack of action. The man is so angry he has swore, his attorney confirms this in a letter he wrote the estate, they will counter sue for all the damages caused to him and his families lives. Dawndee Gaub, the co-conspirator and wife of Dan Gaub, is the one in control of the money. She has condoned the actions of the lawyers that have caused by their actions this entire loss to yet another victim of the Gaub scam. He’s just another innocent victim who the estate says, despite losing everything as a direct result of the actions of the Gaubs and the estate, should still pay them! They should get their cut and their profits from the hard work, time and money put in by others, despite the fact this man lost everything. Can you believe they could do this to a man who was an innocent individual? He was not a victim of the FX Scam Dan and Dawndee Gaub ran. This was just a man that needed some funds for his dream and Dawndee Gaub and her lawyers, paid for by the victims, have turned his life into yet another of the many alleged nightmares perpetrated by this group of lawyers and Dawndee Gaub as the PR!

The list of abuses have went on and on.   The lawyers gave the cost to the victims for a motion to have watches belonging to Dan Gaub appraised by Ben Bridges. One victim, a former Jeweler stated he was confident they were as fake as Dan Gaub and the thousands Dawndee Gaub was demanding for money to make it happen was a waste. Yes, the victim was right, in the end, all the watches were indeed fakes. The estate then tried to have a lawyer, traveling from Seattle to Yakima (each hour on the road paid for by the victims), the motion and more all costing thousands and thousands of dollars to move venue. The Judge has refused to even hear this ill conceived motion. To this day, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been wrongfully wasted on behalf of what the victims allege is their very tormentor and person that helped to rob them, Dawndee Gaub and other Gaubs wants and needs. There has also been wasted legal fees for things that make no sense. Lawyers such as Patrick Vane, a lawyer Dawndee Gaub sought out at nearly $400.00 a hour! It has been alleged that Dawndee Gaub sought out Patrick Vane, who drove to Yakima, to meet with Dawndee Gaub, at thousands and thousands in cost to the victims, was to help her with her concerns over possible criminal charges for not filing her taxes and SEC violations. Dawndee Gaub is on FBI tape in her own words saying she filed her taxes each year. This is a huge lie! Interestingly enough, she never filed one in years. As a matter of fact, all the cost for her taxes, from the money Dawndee Gaub and her husband stole from the victims, is being forced upon the victims to pay for. The victims have to pay all the legal cost for the lawyers outrageous bills and cost, to pay her taxes, her penalties, her interest. Any wonder the victims did not want her as PR? Do you see the pattern, it is all about her and the rest of the Gaubs. The victims are not the concern.

To all the readers:This gets the main points in. It would take pages to cover the outrageous nature of what is taking place to this very day. We plan to put out more stories with more of what is going on. In the mean time, we are asking that if you are needing an attorney, DO NOT HIRE PATRICK VANE, CONNOR COSTELLO or SEAN FLYNN or do business with the firm of REHMKE & FLYNN. You have the choice of who you hire for legal counsel. We can choose who we will recommend to our readers. These men have shown they care about their “client” and only their client Dawndee Gaub. That her fees, her cost, which are from the funds of the victims she helped rob, are what they care about. The victims signed a lot of sworn statements to have this PR, Dawndee Gaub removed. The lawyers objected heavy not to lose their goose that had laid the golden egg. The courts refused to even hear the motion. The courts did not want to hear the cries of the victims!

This motion to remove the PR was written and put together with the help of a lawyer with 45 years of experience. The Fox (Dawndee Gaub Johnston) has been in charge of the hen house and the eggs and approves how the eggs, she stole are distributed! Shocking as this conduct all is, it is only part of this story. These lawyers do not deserve your business in the view of many of the victims. It is the polite and respectful request of many of these victims that you not give one dime of your business to Patrick Vane, Connor Costello or Sean Flynn of REHMKE & FLYNN. They have offices at 917 Pacific Ave Suite 407 Tacoma, WA 98402 and Lake Union Waterworks Building 1101 N. Northlake Way #102 Seattle WA 98103. Patrick Vanes offices are at 1530 Westlake Ave. North Suite 1 Seattle Washington 98109

Please copy this article and start it circulating on your social media and other outlets. We are taking a strong stand against these actions on the part of the scam artist Dawndee Gaub Johnston and the lawyers she hired at the victims cost.

Are you a “winning investor” of the Gaub scam and the estate lawyers have given you a threat letter to sue?One man and his family, who stated as a group they put in about 1.2 million, got one of these threat letters. They are still out in actual net losses, hundreds and hundreds of thousands. Dawndee Gaub and her lawyers are now demanding they give them more money or be sued! Some are alleging that the rights of many are being violated and you may have a cause of action against the lawyers and the estate. Make contact with this site today or contact


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