Sportspyschometrics LLC, John Thomas, and Boston biometrics LLC are in the business of scamming you out of your hard earned money!


During the early part of this year, a hard working couple were introduced to John Thomas with Sportspyschometrics LLC. What they thought was a good way to earn some extra investment funds turned out to be a nightmare! Just for a little background info, Sportspsychometrics is known as a sports betting system where you can make money on your principal investment. Below, I will tell you one couples story. I will refer to the couple as “The Apples”.



When “The Apples” first heard about John Thomas and his Sportspsychometrics, sports betting system it was through a family member who had already been investing and was receiving regular payments.  “The Apples” (an engaged couple) watched carefully for 2 months as payments kept coming.  They had also spoken with other people who were receiving regular payments and nothing seemed to be off or to cause alarm.   Mr. Thomas made claims that the outcomes of some professional sports games are pre-determined, in other words the games are ‘fixed’.

With Mr. Thomas’ sophisticated algorithm he and his team could determine which teams were going to win.  There were two possible ways for individuals to invest.


       For one,  a straight loan plus interest agreement – where you got paid every 15 between 10-13% interest on your principal investment and you could get your principal back at anytime as long as you gave 15 days notice.    The interest rate was determined based on the amount of money invested.


       The second way was a 0% interest loan for 1 year time for shares in the Sportspsychometrics LLC which would then pay out dividends using 80% of the profits made and the original loan would be returned.



“The Apples” started initially with a $35,000 investment. Approximately 1 week after their investment, they  asked for a portion of it back.  The money was promptly returned plus the interest for that time period, making them even more confident on their investment.   When they saw that the payments were coming in on time like clockwork for 6 weeks they decided to put in another $65,000 for a total of $100,000.  

In January 2013, Mr. Thomas informed them that the 2 week interest payment schedule would be converting to a 1 month payment schedule and that only shareholders could keep the two week schedule. 


Based on the obvious calculations of the 2 week returns compounding them by only taking 1 payment every 30 days, it was clear to them that they should purchase the shares so they put in another $100,000 over the next 2 months. After February 2013 they never received another payment.Mr. Thomas started giving many different excuses to them and other people they knew as well who had also fallen victim to this Ponzi scheme.  He started with saying that they were upgrading systems to Homeland Security and had frozen the funds in a large off shore transfer.


After weeks and months of trying to reach Mr. Thomas with no avail, he finally took their call to try to give more stories and said he had another company that he was intending to use to settle the outstanding debts. He emailed over to them a similar “so called” opportunity with a new company called Boston Biometrics LLC, which claims to have a personality profiling tool in which they can pre-determine the characteristics of people to tell if they will be good/bad employees. 

The crazy thing is, If they would have been able to use that on Mr. Thomas, they would have knew right off not to invest. They haven’t heard from or seen anything from Mr. Thomas again.

The financial damage to “The Apples” has been massive.  They had been planning a wedding and living arrangements and now have to drastically scale back. They just want what is right and for Mr. Thomas to give them their hard earned money back and also to prevent Mr. Thomas and his group of scam artists from harming anyone else.  


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