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David S. Batt is running a scam along with Set Into Motion. They scam victims by having them send upfront fees.

Published on February 25, 2013 By Trinity


*Please forward this email on to your sources, groups, news media, state and federal authorities and to the IRS. We want this man off the streets.


Oak Brook, IL-Today it was announced that Dave S. Batt, is running a con to nail unsuspecting victims in the upfront fee scam. Dave Batt runs a scam operation called Set into Motion. It’s at setintomotion.com In the scam, Dave Batt claims he is the USA representative for the royal family in Dubai. Sounds exciting, the problem, it is all a fraud.

Beware of Michael Smith AKA “Omar” with Gold Credit Inc. he is running a scam!

Published on February 19, 2013 By Trinity

We have received word that Michael Smith, who claims he is a lawyer,  has sites GOLDCREDIT2WEEKS.WEBs.com, FASTSCOREBOOSTERS.WEBS.COM

at phone number 713-510-3564 and email my800score@gmail.com  is running a fraud.  We are building a case against this man and his AKA’s.

Please contact us if you are a victim so we can take the file and give to the FBI and put this man behind bars.  This man runs a scam where he tries to

tell you he can repair your credit.  Charges victims thousands and does nothing!  He runs off with your money.  STAY CLEAR OF THIS SCAM MAN. If

A lawyer out of Miami, Florida by the name of Stephen P. Gant defrauds victims of millions of dollars.

Published on February 19, 2013 By Trinity

(Miami, Florida) It was announced today that an investigation is going on regarding the “escrow” business that Stephen P. Gant claims to run.  Victims have been coming forward with similar stories.  Stephen P. Gant, a lawyer from the Miami Florida area, had victims wire large amounts of money to his account.  This company he claims he was gathering funds for, “Renato”, does not look like it even exists!   Stephen P. Gant refuses to have contact with the victims. Whether it be through phone calls, emails or letters.  Stephen P. Gant’s email he has used is umgant@aol.com his phone number is 305-264-3200.  His fax number is 305-264-8980.  If you have any information on Stephen P. Gant that you feel would be of help, please contact us immediately.  If you are a victim, contact us immediately.   We are building the case and file on this man so we can turn it over to authorities.