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Despite Prior Felony Convictions, Con Woman Wendy Stevens Continues Defrauding Victims

Published on March 9, 2016 By Trinity


Despite her prior convictions, con woman Wendy Stevens is still actively deceiving people, and swindling them out of large amounts of money. Stevens has been previously convicted on fraud and forgery felonies, but it was announced today that she is still successfully conning victims without regret.


To date, convicted felon Wendy Stevens has already taken advantage of many victims, establishing false trust, and conning them out of money. Stevens collects money upfront, and then disappears without fulfilling her promises or tax obligations. If confronted, she adamantly refuses to offer refunds or do anything to correct the situation and do right by her victims. Stevens lives a life of stolen wealth, and there is seemingly no plan for her to stop defrauding people through lies, theft, and deceit.

This is an update on Baron Haghighi Brookheim along with Michael Industries Corp International.

Published on July 8, 2014 By Trinity

It has been brought to our attention, that Baron Haghighi who is known to go by various aliases, one of the new ones is Baron Haghighi Brookheim, has started a new company by the name of Michael Industries Corp International. Be aware this is not an individual you would want to do any business with. If you have any information on Baron, feel free to contact James Rider at Jamesintfraudalert@yahoo.com


Published on May 16, 2014 By Trinity








It has been a 9 to 1 vote in favor of naming Mark Segovia con man of the year! This man by virtue of the efforts and appeals of one person has been allowed to go years with zero results towards his commitments, to attempt to do right, on his wrong deeds. He sends in an exhibit or two now and then.This evidence is bogus as in the end, the fact remains, to date; he has not paid a dime to restore any victims of his lies and cons.  Deals and chances to resolve the cases that have been given to Segovia and he puts his middle finger up at all and continues to lead everyone on a wild goose chase.  Most likely, laughing his ass off that anyone is buying his deceptions.  This is all going to be changing big time!