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Do not do business with Connor Costello and Sean Flynn, Washington state lawyers of con and scam woman Dawndee Gaub. This woman has been voted con woman of the year for 2014. Scam woman Dawndee Johnston demands the lawyers force her victims to pay her cost, her taxes, her penalties. The lawyers know a scam went down, but are assisting the co-conspirator of the scam and forcing the victims to pay for it out of what is left of their own money!

Published on January 7, 2015 By Trinity





There is an FBI report out that names Ken Gaub ministries in association with the scam that Dan Gaub was doing.

Published on April 5, 2013 By Trinity

I’m sure many of you have heard of  Ken Gaub Ministries in Union Gap, WA. They are known worldwide. Ken Gaub’s son Dan killed himself last year in an effort to avoid prosecution for coning hundreds of victims out of over 40 million dollars in what is known as a  ponzi scheme. After this happened, the FBI came out with a report that names Ken Gaub Ministries in connection with his son Dan’s scam. Ken Gaub has been alleged to have been given a Cadillac by his son Dan Gaub who was a con artist.  Ken Gaub has his own  warehouse full of vehicles such as Lincoln’s, BMW’s as well as other very nice vehicles.


Published on November 23, 2012 By Trinity

Dawndee claimed in the below youtube link to have with Dan Gaub started the Star Five Foundation (WE she says).The Star Five Foundation was a scam and never did any of the things they claimed.  It was a sham from day one. Victims gave money and Dan and Dawndee used funds  they got from victims to be the vessel you see in the youtube piece.  Dawndee and Dan gave two million to Jourdan Gaub.  Dan bragged he gave millions to his father Ken Gaubs ministries.  Dawndee Gaub was able to con her friends into giving their life savings to Dan to “Invest” for them. All the money has disappeared.  Dawndee Gaub was not licensed nor did she advise any of the victims of the risk!