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Tennessee Bill Aims to Curb MLM-Based Pyramid Schemes

Published on August 12, 2011 By Trinity

Tennessee Bill Aims to Curb

MLM-Based Pyramid Scams

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

 Bills intended to protect consumers against pyramid-based multilevel marketing scams have been introduced in the Tennessee General Assembly. The Tennessee Multilevel and Pyramid Distributorship Act (shown below) would:

  • Create the criminal offense of “knowingly contriving, preparing, setting up, proposing or operating an endless chain or pyramid scheme.”
  • Require that when income is represented, prospective distributors must receive a statement that discloses the average income achieved by distributors, the percentage of the total distributors that achieve each rank in the multilevel distribution company, and the percentage of distributors that fail to renew the business after the first year.

Does Multi-Level Marketing Equal Scam?

Published on August 11, 2011 By Trinity


by: Cary Christian

When you think of Multi Level Marketing (“MLM”) do you automatically think of scams? It’s hard not to since most scam businesses on the Internet use an MLM structure. The MLM structure provides the greatest benefit possible to the promoters and the people they bring in on the very top levels, which is why it is chosen so frequently by those out to make a quick killing.

In my opinion almost all MLM programs offer much more than they can ever deliver, and I’ve never found one I like. And believe me when I tell you I have searched high and low to find a decent MLM program.

How to Avoid Scams and Get Honest Online Jobs.

Published on August 6, 2011 By Trinity

Avoiding Scams and Fraud when Searching for an Online Job.

There are tons of ways for those people who are looking for latest online job programs on the web. Holding a job on the internet is turning out to be the most sought after methods to generate income, not merely for works but also for businesses too yet sorry to say the number of frauds getting its path to those searching for honest internet jobs keeps growing too.

Now you ask , how could you determine if the offer is true or perhaps a hoax in case you are not used to the internet job industry?