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Gerald A. Levano (Attorney for scam artist David Reynoso) out of Merrick, NY has victims of Reynoso money that was wired by Reynoso, in his personal capital one account. Reynoso is alleged owner of Brook Valley Investments.

Published on March 20, 2014 By Trinity

This story comes to us on a con man by the name of David Reynoso. What comes next show how he was able to take so much money from victims. In this particular situation you will hear how one of the victims was conned into giving Reynoso money.




    1.  Conned into sending $25,000.00.  I was to receive $30,000.00. The other con was for $35,000.00, and a repayment of $50,000.00

    2.  Conned into sending $65,000.00 to start Still Green and Growing.

An investigation is underway in connection with claims that Patrick (Pat) McCaffrey and Brabham & Associates have been charging large upfront fees which leaves victims feeling as though they have been scammed.

Published on October 17, 2013 By Trinity

Partrick McCaffrey

Claims have arised against Patrick (Pat) McCaffrey and Brabham and Associates. One of the similar claims is that Mr. McCaffrey takes individuals who have already been victimized, (they have already lost a lot of money to scams) and then charges them large upfront fees anyways.   He claims he will get them their money back.  He has made claims to at times just walk up with a gun and put it on the table intimidating the scam artists to give him the money he claims is owed to his clients.  Victims have told us he takes their money and gets nothing accomplished with their case!   We have had a number of people complain about this man and if you, or someone you know has been a victim, please contact:

A man that goes by Caswell Whyte has come under high alert as a swindler!

Published on September 27, 2013 By Trinity

Caswell Whyte (an African American man) is being called out as a swindler. He has stirred up all different types of schemes and scams to be able to take funds from unsuspecting individuals. It was recently known that he was in the Maryland area as well as other east coast locations. If you have been victimized by Caswell Whyte, please contact Agent James Rider at Jamesintfraudalert@yahoo.com