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There is an FBI report out that names Ken Gaub ministries in association with the scam that Dan Gaub was doing.

Published on April 5, 2013 By Trinity

I’m sure many of you have heard of  Ken Gaub Ministries in Union Gap, WA. They are known worldwide. Ken Gaub’s son Dan killed himself last year in an effort to avoid prosecution for coning hundreds of victims out of over 40 million dollars in what is known as a  ponzi scheme. After this happened, the FBI came out with a report that names Ken Gaub Ministries in connection with his son Dan’s scam. Ken Gaub has been alleged to have been given a Cadillac by his son Dan Gaub who was a con artist.  Ken Gaub has his own  warehouse full of vehicles such as Lincoln’s, BMW’s as well as other very nice vehicles.

David S. Batt is running a scam along with Set Into Motion. They scam victims by having them send upfront fees.

Published on February 25, 2013 By Trinity


*Please forward this email on to your sources, groups, news media, state and federal authorities and to the IRS. We want this man off the streets.


Oak Brook, IL-Today it was announced that Dave S. Batt, is running a con to nail unsuspecting victims in the upfront fee scam. Dave Batt runs a scam operation called Set into Motion. It’s at setintomotion.com In the scam, Dave Batt claims he is the USA representative for the royal family in Dubai. Sounds exciting, the problem, it is all a fraud.

Echo Inc and Sierra Investment Group has been defrauding victims.

Published on February 19, 2013 By Trinity

Ronald Pierce, John Hargrove, Kevin Stat, Michael Stain are the names of the group. If it were not for the contact by Sierra investment Group, not any of this would have happened.  They are crooks and take thousands and in the end, they get nothing done for you!   We are asking for all agencies to get this one up all over the net and contact State and Federal Agencies.  Phone numbers used by the scam artist are 1-800-323-6298 fax 775-227-6190 Carson City NV 89706

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