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How You Can Avoid Financial and Investment Fraud

Published on November 19, 2011 By Trinity

News of Bernard Madoff, Allen Stanford Financial Group along with other scandals has provided ample evidence that financial fraud against investors is alive and well.  It’s always an outstanding opportunity to review a number of the principles that will protect one from investment and financial fraud.  Let’s examine.

Of course, its crucial to possessing a trustworthy investment adviser and company. Understand your investment company. A fast check on the internet can highlight any major problems or complaints your organization may have had together with the SEC or other government bodies.  Many companies may show complaints against them.  Carefully evaluate them to determine in case your company’s business problems and policies are such that you don’t want to work with them.

The tell tale signs of a forex scam.

Published on August 13, 2011 By Trinity

Forex HYIP programs – the tell tale signs of a forex scam.

High yield investment programs or HYIP is when the con artist and his affiliates defraud investors through promises of return on investment as high as 80 percent per day. These scams have been proliferating in the Western World since the legendary exploits of Mr. Charles Ponzi and his ilk. Usually, the blatantly unrealistic promises of income are reinforced by claims of exclusivity, limited admissions and some kind of secret formula that will allow unlimited profits to investors.

Help for victims of Investment Fraud and Scams.

Published on July 29, 2011 By Trinity

Investment Fraud, also known as stock fraud and securities fraud, is a practice that induces investors to make purchase or sale decisions on the basis of false information, frequently resulting in losses, in violation of the securities laws.

Generally speaking, securities fraud consists of deceptive practices in the stock and commodity markets, and occurs when investors are enticed to part with their money based on untrue statements.

Securities fraud includes outright theft from investors and misstatements on a public company’s financial reports. The term also encompasses a wide range of other actions, including insider trading, front running  and other illegal acts on the trading floor of a stock or commodity exchange.