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Out of Sunnyside,WA Suzy Axmaker along with her business Shop Alot For Less, LLC has taken thousands from investors.

Published on October 7, 2013 By Trinity

Citizens/Businesses beware if you come into contact with a woman by the name of Suzy Axmaker. She is allegedly scamming investors!

Published on September 16, 2013 By Trinity

A story has come to us out of the city of Sunnyside Washington. It is one of top priority!  It has been announced that Suzy Axmaker is finding investors and then taking in large amounts of money, some as large as tens of thousands of dollars. Then if the deal does not go through, she will just keep all your hard earned money. One deal she borrowed a very large amount of money, then after one payment, she “walked away”. This is not the way most people deal with things. For example, you could not do that to a bank if you borrowed money from them. We have learned that lawsuits are being worked on and reports being issued to go to law enforcement and other groups and agencies on the alleged issues.  We have an agent that has asked if you are the victim of a money issue with Suzy Axmaker, working out of Yakima Washington, Sunnyside Washington and other Yakima County areas, please contact Jamesintfraudalert@yahoo.com

In Washington State Suzy Axmaker is making a name for herself. Accusations of scam and fraud.

Published on September 12, 2013 By Trinity

suzy axmaker

In the state of Washington (specifically the cities of Yakima and Sunnyside) a woman who goes by the name Suzy Axmaker is slowly running her name into the mud .  The accusations are of  being dishonest, being a person of very  low character, she is ripping people off who have had total trust in her. 


These allegations are from people who have been willing to invest in her various business deals. As they thought she was a legitimate and honest person to go into business with. She also has a new web program called shop a lot for less.  This is the website: Shopalotforless.com.  The contact info is as follows: