The days Inn located in Phoenix, Arizona is dirty and employees have bad customer service skills!


Many people have had bad reviews of this establishment. This hotel (if you would call it that) is Days Inn at 2900 EAST VAN BUREN Phoenix AZ 85008 US Phone 602-275-7651. The rooms are dirty and do not look like there is much care taken by housekeeping. The beds are full of bed bugs. You definitely will not be able to sleep while these bugs are having a nightly meal all at the expense of your health.

When you bring this to the attention of the staff all they do is laugh. This is very unprofessional of them. I’m sure the CEO of the company would not be too happy to hear of all this. When you try to email or call about your concerns , they go unanswered. Last but not least is the noise. You will be up all night long if you choose to or not! Too much noise being made. No one seems to care. It is also conveniently located in a unsafe area as if all the rest was not bad enough. I would have to greatly recommend that you do not spend your money at Days Inn or give them your business. In the long run it will cost you a lot more and maybe even an unexpected trip to the emergency room for the bug bites.




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