The German Prosecutors office has denied access to case record for US victim.

The German Prosecutors office has denied access to case record for US victim.

Hamburg, Germany – August 28, 2012

During the summer of 2007, the US victim in this case had been contacted by the Hamburg, Germany police department regarding a $44,000 wire transfer  he sent to a Dresdner Bank located in Germany. The detective convinced the victim he was working on a money laundering scheme and that the funds sent in the wire transfer were part of that investigation. The detective sent the US victim documents to complete and return. Once he did so, the US victim was not advised of any further developments in the investigation, specifically of an arrest, conviction and the recovery of funds the victim may have been entitled to.

  March 24, 2012  the victim learned that an arrest and conviction took place in this investigation and that a very significant amount of funds were recovered. The victim sent a letter to the Hamburg prosecutor’s office requesting a claim form – regarding any funds the victim might be rightfully entitled to and a copy of the case file to gain additional leads in the fraud he had fallen victim to. The total sum the victim lost amounted to  $ 318,000 in  what is known as a “Nigerian 419” scam.

  June 12, 2012 the Hamburg prosecutor’s office responded and said, “Your fax of 22 May 2012, I have received. In it you ask for support and help in the recovery of the US victim’s mislaid property. Unfortunately, I fail to see how I can help you to be there, especially since you ask, no concrete support. The offenders were sentenced here, the file is closed. I am sorry I cannot help you.”

Numerous requests for information on the status of the funds recovered and a copy of the case file (the victim offered to pay to have this completed) have gone ignored.

This inaction begs the question – Why was this US victim not advised of the arrest and conviction of suspects in this matter? Why was the US victim not provided a claim form to request any funds he/she was legally entitled to? Why is the public prosecutor reluctant to provide a copy of the investigation to the US victim, it should be a matter of public record? Most significantly, what happened to the funds?

It should be a simple matter to assign a clerk to recover the case file and copy it, then request the US victim to pay for that cost and the postage associated with it. It would also be a simple matter to provide an accounting of the amount of funds recovered and how they were disbursed – if they were disbursed.

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