There is an FBI report out that names Ken Gaub ministries in association with the scam that Dan Gaub was doing.

I’m sure many of you have heard of  Ken Gaub Ministries in Union Gap, WA. They are known worldwide. Ken Gaub’s son Dan killed himself last year in an effort to avoid prosecution for coning hundreds of victims out of over 40 million dollars in what is known as a  ponzi scheme. After this happened, the FBI came out with a report that names Ken Gaub Ministries in connection with his son Dan’s scam. Ken Gaub has been alleged to have been given a Cadillac by his son Dan Gaub who was a con artist.  Ken Gaub has his own  warehouse full of vehicles such as Lincoln’s, BMW’s as well as other very nice vehicles.

     Ken Gaub made a claim against his son Dan Gaub saying he is owed tens of thousands. That story does not seem to be accurate. There have been many claims to the claim Ken Gaub made, that it actually  was for a loan he was given from his son to pay him from the funds Dan Gaub was ripping off from the victims! Ken Gaub shows that a two thousand dollar a month payment went to Dan Gaub.  He also claims this was an investment he made with his son. Others see it differently. It has been said that this payment each month was actually a loan. The payment each month was for the loan! 

     Ken Gaub has many claims that are stated in his books . These scams are anything from raising a baby from the dead a few hours later, healing the crippled, all the way to receiving random calls for him with a payphone ringing as he walked by.  Most individuals give credit to these stories to scams Ken Gaub has pulled  off most of his adult life to get victims to unsuspectingly give him their hard earned money. Ken Gaub has raised millions of dollars over the years from his stories in which people allege were false, made up and had no witnesses to back them up.  Many say look no further than Ken Gaub, to see where Dan Gaub and Nathan Gaub, his two sons learned the family trait to scam people. 

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