Have you been a victim of Gary Neil Cramer who resides in the Pacific Northwest (Eugene, Oregon Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas)?





It is said that Gary Cramer is one of the major scam artists of all time. He has taken multiple millions from victims that reside all around the world! He has been sued by many, including the state of Washington. He has hid money from the IRS overseas and has not paid his taxes in a number of years.

He has bragged about this many times. Some of Gary Cramers scam projects included: Rouge Valley Water project with scam artist Sharon Kleyne who also has taken tens of millions from investors. Kleyne has never paid a nickel in returns back to any of the investors. Cramer made profits!


 There were Capital Assets with scam Man Robert Pecord. A FX trading program that was a flat out scam. Cramer made tons of profits! Cash Card, also another scam. Cramer made profits! Life policies, which all turned out to be scams. Cramer made profits! Arb, another scam. Cramer made profits! MCube Oil, ran by a scam man that went to prison named Robert Miracle. Cramer made profits! Global online, a total sham and ran by another con man. Cramer made profits! Gary Cramer has yet to be credited with anything that has made money for people that have “invested” with him. Cramer is alleged to have always made money, skimming funds from the back and front ends. Gary Cramer messed around many times on his wife and then left her and their three kids in Washington State while he ran off with a woman named Melba Mamaril. Gary left his “wife” with all the IRS debts and bills and has refused to do right by her. 

Gary Neil Cramer is and has been in the following programs: My Freedom Grocer, StrongBrook and Savings Highway to name a few! Cramer is referred to as a “Network Marketing Junkie”. BE VERY CAREFUL having him as a mentor or sponsor. Gary Neil Cramer has claimed many times to be a major player and millionaire in presentations, speeches and other documents sent to people. In the end, his victims, in the hundreds, have lost millions and millions of dollars as a direct result of Gary Neil Cramers advice and lack of due diligence! Here is his info: his new mailing address is: 4325 Commerce Street Ste 111 #445, Eugene, Oregon 97402. His phone is: 360-909-0723. His emails are: Gary@garycramer.com, and Garyncramer@gmail.com His new physical address is: 2841 City View St. Eugene, Oregon 9740

What is known is that Gary is living the high life! He is now with his side kick and woman named Melba Mamaril. Gary hooked up with her after his stretch in jail for being accused of rape in a action that put him in a orange jump suit. Below is the photo:



Here are other pictures of Gary and Melba living the high life on the backs of victims that Gary has scammed! Not even thinking twice about what they have done to others and continue to do!




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